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how sometimes reporting security flaws may result into some job offers

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sometimes reporting vulnerabilities can turn some job offers to you, one day i was just surfing on internet and i came upon to a website that website was organizing a contest in which they are getting live opinions from the public about there new small movie and as always, i just injected a piece of javascript fortunately, it worked and the homepage of the website, every time it got open or refreshed it is having a alert “hacked by @n3g4tiv3eLemEnt” and after few second they restored there webpage, but i was not sure they have fixed up this vulnerability or not. so i injected another alert of saying “http://about.me/parv_jain” and it was working again.

i was just opening my gmail account to send this vulnerability report to them, and when i opened up my an email was there saying this -

afterwards, he somehow manage to convince and take mobile number of mine and another day he have called me up and once again offered me job, i refused this offer by saying,”i am still 17 and maybe not legally authorized to join any company”.

story does not ends here, i have been always getting job offers by many of the people.

on this blog from discussions i get this -

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